globe2“These are programs that are well worth your investment. Everyone should go through diversity training and learn more about cross-cultural communication! Lauren has extensive experience in conducting training workshops and developing new programs. Her work would be a great addition to any corporate retreat or in-service training. She can also help you set up your own program and practices to ensure that the lessons learned become part of your organizational culture.” ~Kathleen Stanley, Internship Coordinator and Instructor, Oregon State University

Communication, Consulting, Education.

Cultural awareness is a critical component to the success of your organization – intercultural training is an invaluable tool for you and your employees.

Let us bring our expertise to any corporate retreat, in-service training or to a one-on-one meeting with customized, facilitated sessions that are energetic and interactive. Once completed, participants will leave the sessions with innovative tools and approaches that they can use immediately to improve how they communicate, and will have a better understanding of the diverse and unique relationships that they have chosen to foster.
Lauren Plaza Consulting offers custom, tailored programs for your organization in the following:

• Cultural Competency Training
• Intercultural Communication
• Effective Mentoring
• Mentoring Programs
• Academic Coaching Workshops

With our extensive experience and strategic insights we will create innovative programs and workshops designed for your unique needs.
“Gaining a professional mentor will have a serious impact on your career. You’ll gain a sounding board, valuable contact, and someone who can share their ups and downs within the industry.” ~Ilya Pozin, CEO of Open Me

“Involvement creates connections between students, faculty, and staff that allow individuals, to believe in their own personal worth.”~Nancy K. Schlossberg, Professor Emerita, University of Maryland